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a woman in lingerie in a wild garden standing on a column in a yoga pose

Let's elevate
your yoga and fashion 


my name is Franziska Brodhun.

I am a Hamburg and Berlin based photographer and creative consultant, creating unique and tailored photo and video content that combines timelessness with modern aesthetics. 

Through this I help yoga teachers and businesses as well as lifestyle companies to create more visibility and a stronger brand image.
Portrait of Franziska Brodhun by Yvonne Schmedemann for Monkey Mind Yoga

Photo Credit: Yvonne Schmedemann for Monkey Mind Yoga

woman in a silver suit on a rooftop bending into a yoga pose

No matter how big or small your business is, you probably regularly think about issues like content, reach, positioning, strategy, and reliable sales.

In 2023, it's more important than ever to run your business with personality and originality. No one cares about trite advertising platitudes and interchangeable content anymore. Instead, values like authenticity, personality and passion count. And with that, the need for unique and high-quality photo and video content is also increasing.

And this is where I come in!

Through many years of expertise as a photographer, creative director and practicing yogini, I deal intensively with these issues and have already been able to help many companies like yours to address and solve these problems. My focus combines the knowledge and experience from the world of photography and marketing with the world of yoga, fitness and wellbeing.

The foundation of my work is a sincere relationship of trust and listening to your interests and challenges. Based on this, we develop a strategy together that is adapted to your needs in order to regularly and predictably populate your marketing channels with high-quality content.

Future is real!

Slide to the right to learn more about me

double exposure image of a female portrait and bird of paradise yoga pose

Why am I your perfect match?

double exposure of a woman in gurmukhasana arms shot by paul gregor

I offer photo and video productions in my studio in Hamburg, as well as on location productions around the world. 

In addition to photography and post production, I am responsible for conception, production planning and handling of the shoots. Depending on the scope, I work with specialists in hair & make-up, styling, production, film editing, copywriting or set design. This allows me to meet all demands flexibly.


As a cherry on the cake, I also offer advice on your social media presence.

three woman in koundinyasana in understatement underwear by franziska brodhun

I've got
in store

Hi dearest Franziska, 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the content, it's absolutely stunning!!! It looks like you had fun shooting these pictures, it's so much feeling!! 


Would love to continue working together!





Influencer Marketing Manager
Understatement Underwear

My love,

{...} The pictures are soooo great! I can't give enough back to you on that one....

Haha! Am I satisfied!!! I am more than satisfied!!! The pictures inspire me very much!!! And each / whom I show them (proud and happy), see the same. And was already asked several times for your name. That was a super outcome! I really didn't expect it like that. {...}

Big hug and see you hopefully soon,


Yoga Instructor

Wow, Franziska, 


they are stunning!! What an amazing energy shining through these photos! 

Wild women ventures, I love it!

I´m currently making the order how to share them on instagram and on the web. ✨✨



Can´t wait to share! 

xx Sofie

CEO Anekdot Boutique

Dear Franziska & Team.

I am thrilled.

They are super online looks !

The look allocation, light, posing, charisma, image selection, BestOf - really top!

Thank you


Hess Natur Content Manager

The sound of happy clients isn't OM, but:

Let me see some results!



woman in a bikini doing a yoga pose


profile studio shot of a black woman in cozy clothing for hess natur


woman on a rooftop leaning into a rooftop dish


Interested?Let's talk!

In a free personal consultation I will clarify with you the next steps and conditions for our cooperation.


With Love & Gratitude


Thanks for your message!

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